“When sleep is abundant, minds flourish. When it is deficient, they don't.” Dr. Matthew Walker Sleep Specialist

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 In less than a week, my son was back to his normal 1-2 night waking, and after a few days of that, he started sleeping 10 hours a night. She offers real time feed back, daily check ins, endless support and a wealth of knowledge, literally at her fingertips. From our conversations, the detail she provides and the care she shows, it’s hard not to see her passion.

— Kayla

Are you ready for your customized easy-to-follow plan to teach your child to sleep through the night?

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It is never to early to have a plan and to start creating good sleep habits.

3-Weeks of Support
1-hour consultation
three 15-minute phone calls
Customized easy-to-follow sleep plan
Unlimited Text/Email support
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All the benefits of our sleep program
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 Starting at $800

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Book your 15-minute Discovery call

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Consistency, support, and being all in are definitely requirements for all our families. When you commit Flourish Everyday & the Sleep Sense™ method offer you every tool, strategy and support you will need to be successful.

There is no "one size fits all" sleep method. The Sleep Sense™ Method tailors a sleep plan to your child's unique personality and need, while fully incorporating your parenting style. Bottom line you need to feel 100% comfortable with your child's sleep plan and be ALL in for it to work. This is so important!!

These programs are not for everyone

One size doesn't fit all

 Sleep is pretty simple, it is a science, a biological need that human beings have to have.  With that being said, sleep is a learned skill and as parents we develop bad habits around sleep. The Sleep Sense™ Method is based on the foundation that healthy sleep habits make for healthy children. 

The Sleep Sense™Method

It doesn’t matter what you have done in the past, all that matters is that you are ready to make changes for the better. In order for me to be able to effectively help, you must be open and honest about everything! Trust me I have seen it all!

This is a Judgement free zone

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 1:1 Coaching Course

Mama Self-Care Support

Pricing starts at $450 per month or discounted one time payment packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Will my baby cry?

 Let's talk about the “crying” question: Since people always ask me about whether my solutions involve “crying it out,” or when parents automatically assume "Sleep training" IS crying-it-out, I want to be upfront and honest about it to ease your mind. 

Crying is your child’s voice and way of protesting change. You can expect that making changes to their sleep habits will result in some protest. That’s why I’m always sure to tell parents that my program will most likely involve at least some amount of protest on the child’s part.

With that being said, understand that I will never ask you to leave your child to cry alone, nor will I ask you to ignore their cries. The reason that the Sleep Sense™ Method is so effective is that it lets you develop a plan that you feel comfortable with, based on your child's biological needs. Remember your plan is customized to you. You can support and comfort your child through the process as much as you want. 
Have more questions? Please email me at megan@flourisheveryday.com.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How much support do I get throughout the sleep plan.

How many times should a 5-month of baby be waking up each night?

At 5-months old your child should not need to feed in the night. (always check with your doctor) Some children start sleeping through the night on their own at this age. Realistically there should be no wakings during the night, but know you are not alone. 84% of children have trouble sleeping at night and for naps.

How long will it take until my child sleeps through the night?

Every child is different, and it does depend on age and health. Some children still require feedings, or protest more than others. Our average estimates say usually it takes between 3-14 days. Our methods also have a 97% success rate. 

This is the best part of hiring a Sleep Sense™ consultant. Depending what package you buy(duration) you get one discovery call, a written step by step sleep plan, a 1-hour consultation call, one 15-minute call each week, and unlimited text and email support. You can even hire us to come to your house!

What is the right age to start sleep training?

Can you do the sleep training for me?

Will my child be mad at me?

It is never too early or late to start learning how to sleep. The earlier you start practicing good sleep hygiene the better. In fact you can start the day you get home from the hospital. Newborns have different needs of course but immediately starting to develop healthy sleep habits help build your child's circadian rhythm and allow them to form a biological clock to associate day from night. 

Unfortunately no. It must be the parent or parents of the child. If you are a single parent you could ask a close family member to help you. It must be someone the child knows very well and trusts. We do offer in home support while training, and are always a text or phone call away.

Deep down all of us as parents want to protect our children from any pain, suffering or crying. Truth is your child is crying because they are exhausted. They don't want to be up all night just as much as you don't! They just need to learn how to do it. So, NO they will not be mad! They will actually be grateful when they start getting the sleep they need, and a much happier child at that!

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