1 in 3 Americans are sleep deprived and 70 million people in the U.S. struggle with sleep disorders. 

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REady to make changes in your life?

Did you know that everything you do during the day matters for how you will sleep at night?

We take all your unique health needs and create a full body plan to get you sleeping through the night and waking up rested!

Sleep is NOT a luxury. It is the foundation to your full body health, and long, happy life. 

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When we work on ourselves, we work on everything that matters to us.

 What is special about Megan’s approach is that she listens and tailors her help to who you are.

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Shocking Statistics to Know...

Did you know one night of less than 5 hours of sleep drops your natural killer cells–the ones that attack cancer cells– by 60% percent.

Did you know sleep deprivation is linked to Alezheimers, dementia, obesity, depression, anxiety, and much more. 

Each year in the U.S. there is 411 billion dollars of lost productivity  because of poor sleep habits

1. Detailed Medical and Health Background
2. Personal Goals
3. Customized Recommendations and Support

Where do you start?

1 on 1 Coaching

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Personalized 1:1 Health Coaching


Positive mindset and mental health

Good quality Sleep, Recovery, and Body Repair.

Balanced Nutrition and Exercise.

 ENERGY, Mood boosting & Confidence.

Realistic, Sustainable Daily Health Habits. 

Gut and Hormone Health. 

Time Efficiency, Productivity, and Focus.

Gratitude and Growth Mindset to tackle any obstacle that comes your way. 

Results my clients see...


Small sustainable changes

Weekly Goal Setting

Accountability Calls

Celebrating the wins

Enjoying the process of practice

Daily support

Judgement free zone!

Self-love, kindness and compassion.

Nervous system reset

Did you know everything you do during the day matters for how you will sleep at night?

What to expect!

Meet  your Coaches

Megan-founder of Flourish Everyday and head Coach loves bring the benefits and joy of a healthy lifestyle to people all over the world.

➡️Megan is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Sleep Consultant and Original Strength Trainer. 

👋🏻Hi!! I'm Megan and I absolutely LOVE working with children and adults to help them get the rest they need to really start living.  As your Coach I help you find your goals and apply them into your life daily. 

➡️Health can look different for each individual. I am a firm believer of starting right where you're at, and finding exactly what works for your unique body. Small and sustainable is always the name of the game!

➡️Health to me is listening to your body and what it needs. Food is fuel(not the enemy), exercise is fun(not a punishment), and sleep is essential(not a luxury). 

➡️These foundational practices will change your life. Sleep➕Nutrition➕Movement🟰A long healthy life

Head Coach Megan

Britt is the founder of Britt Deitz Fitness. She created a 2-day no excuses home strength program just for the FED community. Minimal equipment required. Each workout is about 20-30 in length and targets full body movement. Running and strength work together to give you overall better health and become a more efficient runner. Strength training supports the whole body, can help prevent injury, and also strengthens the pelvic floor postpartum. 

Hi, my name is Britt and I'm here to help you change the way you view and feel about fitness! ☺💪 Britt Deitz Fitness is a global community designed to make your health & wellbeing journey something that you’re EXCITED to step into each day. I offer classes that allow you to move, strengthen, breathe, and sweat it out -- anytime, anywhere.

A primary goal of Britt Deitz Fitness is to help community members feel their best by promoting a balanced & healthy lifestyle that EVERYBODY can follow and do at home, with minimal equipment, time and space. Britt Deitz Fitness is an inclusive community that welcomes women & men of all ages and stages of life, at different fitness levels, physical conditions and abilities. Modifications are always provided to meet your individual needs and feel good about completing your workout, as are advanced options if you're looking for something more challenging. Can't wait to see you and get sweaty soon! ⏭ Click here to read more about Britt!

Britt Deitz 

Strength Coaches

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No quick fixes.

No judgement

No painful workouts where you are so sore you can't move the next day.

No unrealistic nutrition and exercise goals. 

No time wasting requirements. 


Our mission is to guide you on your way to the balanced healthy lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

- Paul T., Flourish 2022

Megan is an awesome health and fitness coach. She gives excellent guidance to help you reach your personal goals. For me it was weight loss and overall health. In 6 weeks I have lost over 15 pounds and have more energy. I feel better and look forward to reaching my goal of losing 35 pounds without starving myself. If you are looking for a diet, Megan is not for you. If you desire a better way of life, then Megan will help you to create that life! 

"If you desire a better way of life, then Megan will help you create that life." 

- Ruthie B.., Flourish 2022

Before working with Megan, I was a little nervous about asking for help. I knew that I needed to do something for me after becoming a new mom. I felt like I was going through a full identity crisis, and I was scared that I would be judged for just how uncertain of my new life that I was. But Megan listened without judgement and helped me to prioritize what would make me feel best soon, as well as in the long run. 

"I was nervous to ask for help."

- Makayla P., Flourish 2021

"Wow- Working with Megan the past 6 weeks  and the support she offered was life-changing! I have overhauled my eating habits. I now make intentional decisions on how to fuel my body. My energy has increased, and I sleep better than I have in years."

"I was doubtful this would work for me, but wow i was wrong. you need this!"

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When you pay in full for 6 months of coaching you will receive one extra month free!

Limited time! 1 Extra month free!

limited time bonus!

Endless resources and fun!

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Where do I even start? Let's dive into postpartum life and the best way to get your pre-pregnancy body back.

How to lose pregnancy weight gain.

We all have a story. Listen in to unedited interviews of Motherhood's Trials to triumphs. 

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