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Meet  Megan

Megan is an independent hairstylist in the Capital Region New York. She has  20+ years experience, is a certified Masters of Balayage artist, specializing in low maintenance brunette balayage for busy women. While brunettes are Megan's passion she also loves blonding, gray coverage and blending while using her organic color line and health conscious products.

You can find Megan at Slék Salon in Clifton Park, New York.

Having a huge passion for health and helping people Megan became a Coach in 2021 adding 5 certifications to her experience. After experiencing burnout and health issues herself, helping busy women look and feel their best is what really lights her up. Whether you are getting your hair done or coaching with Megan, it is an experience like no other. 

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Area of expertise

Hairstylist of 22 years
Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Certified Sleep Consultant

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Megan is amazing! She listened to everything I wanted and my hair turned out absolutely beautiful! She is the ONLY person I trust to put any color in my hair. My partial balayage turned out better than I imagined!

— Kara K.

— Shea K

What customers are saying:

I can’t recommend Megan enough! Not only did I adore my haircut, but I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations. Megan is personable and skilled at her craft. Thank you, Megan, for a wonderful experience!

Megan is absolutely amazing! Had been seeing her for years while she was still in Maine. She truly takes the time to understand you and your hair goals, would trust her with my life 🙌  

What customers are saying:

— Lauren P.

Megan did a beautiful job with my highlights! She’s also lovely, calming and I enjoyed chatting with her!

What customers are saying:

-Victoria H

Meg is truly incredible – she’s my go-to for highlights, and let me tell you, she’s the absolute best! Meg’s creative mind is unmatched, and she not only meets but exceeds your expectations. She’s the one you want for a fantastic experience!!

What customers are saying:

— Amy M.

Megan is a true professional and an artist—and she makes you feel so comfortable through the entire process. I absolutely love my balayage! I recommend her to everyone.

— Jennifer P.

I was not sleeping after a major surgery when I contacted Megan. She was very reassuring that we would get to the bottom of it. Every week she helped me make the adjustments necessary to help me heal and get the sleep I needed. She was so very supportive along the way. Today I am sleeping and getting healthier every day. To anymore needing guidance in sleep and making healthy choices Megan is the best! I would highly recommend her

-Darlene P.

Megan is an amazing stylist! Everytime she has done my hair it has been perfect! If you're looking for the perfect balayage definitely go see her!

-Mariah H.

 Megan was able to take my concerns and develop a plan that worked, that I was comfortable with and that didn't entail leaving my daughter to cry for hours on end to eventually get herself to sleep. She gave my husband, my daughter and I strategies and often checked in to offer support and advice through the 2-weeks that we worked together. My daughter now has developed sleep strategies where she can put herself to sleep, soothes herself, and bedtime now takes 15 minutes as opposed to over an hour. I now feel confident that she's getting the sleep she needs. I highly recommend Megan to anyone who is having difficulty getting their child to sleep and who wants a truly gentle approach to sleep training.

What customers are saying:

— Abbie A.

I really enjoy working with Megan. I started working with her about 6 months ago to work thru having a tough time sleeping at night. Megan was with me step by step and gave me the tools to finally start getting some sleep. She didn't stop there as we are working on weight loss and fully body with the challenges of approaching 50. I can't say enough good things about Megan and highly recommend using her.

-Jennifer R.

Megan is the sweetest and truly listens to her clients. She offers suggestions and really helps make you look and feel your best! She admits to being a bit of a perfectionist and it shows in her beautiful work!

-Amy C.

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