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All we want is for your child and your family to get the rest you need. Find out why this is so important.

We get to know you and your child and work together to customize an easy to follow plan with maximum support.

As your sleep coach we are literally with every step of the way. Expect to celebrate the tiny wins and be so proud of yourself and your child!

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Biological need+Behavior=Sleep Success

Sleep doesn't have to be hard. 

Sleep is a biological need all human beings have to have just like food & water.
 Babies are literally born built to sleep! Behavior is where we get stuck when it does not align with your child's need. 

Let's find your child's need and customize the right behavior around it. 

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over 108,000 children have been successful with the Sleep Sense™ Method

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Let's be real. You don't have the time or energy to read book after book, or scour the internet for solutions to your sleep problems. We've put together all you need to know to get you on your way to REST. 


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Meet  Megan

Megan is the founder of Flourish, fellow mama, and lover of all things health. 
She specializes in Pediatric Sleep(0-6yo), Adult Sleep, and Postpartum Health. Truly believing that health and happiness always start with a solid sleep foundation. Her mission is to empower parents with sleep education and a customized sleep plan to not only teach their children but also to get the whole family the sleep they desperately need.

Megan is continuously expanding her knowledge and expertise to give you the BEST service out there. So far her certifications include Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Original Strength Trainer, CES Diastasis Recti and Pelvic floor certified, and is certified through Sleep Sense™ one of the most well-respected Pediatric Sleep programs in the world. 


The support Meg has provided has truly been a blessing. During a really rough week+ of no sleep with my now 6 month old son, Meg was quick to create a custom plan and flexible sleep schedule for us to follow. Knowing I have two older kids, she knew flexibility was almost as important to me as sleep is. She didn’t hesitate and encouraged me throughout the entire process. In less than a week, my son was back to his normal 1-2 night waking, and after a few days of that, he started sleeping 10 hours a night. She offers real time feed back, daily check ins, endless support and a wealth of knowledge, literally at her fingertips. From our conversations, the detail she provides and the care she shows, it’s hard not to see her passion. -Kayla A.

 He started sleeping 10-hours a night..

We lift each other up with education & knowledge.

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"Before working with Megan, I was a little nervous about asking for help. I knew that I needed to do something for me after becoming a new mom. I felt like I was going through a full identity crisis, and I was scared that I would be judged for just how uncertain of my new life that I was. But Megan listened without judgement and helped me to prioritize what would make me feel best soon, as well as in the long run. — Ruth B.

I knew I needed to do something after becoming a new mom...

Here in our society it seems to be a race to see who can recover the quickest get out of the house and start going back to the regular life of go go go. Let’s take a look at some facts we know and why it’s important to change this mentality. 

What to expect postpartum and why one size doesn't fit all.

We as parents are here to guide and teach them EVERYTHING. If we do not teach them, or demonstrate through our example and actions our children will not know how to properly do these things. 

When and how to sleep train a baby.

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