Did you know more than 30% of children and 71% of parents in America do not get the sleep they need each night?

 Lack of sleep in children can cause decreased brain development, learning problems and more frequent negative emotions. It can also contribute to weight management problems, growth issues and increased frequency of illnesses.

Sleep deprivation also pushes women into breastfeeding struggles, mastitis, marital conflict, divorce, child neglect, weight struggles, missed work, car crashes and other accidents.

Did you know exhaustion is a key trigger to more than 500,000 cases of postpartum depression?


Imagine if you woke up refreshed, and energetic to an equally happy child. 

Imagine if you could enjoy the fleeting moments of motherhood over wishing away time until you can sleep again. 

Imagine if you and your baby are getting the rest you need for growth, development, and recovery. 

Read all of our reviews below on the life-changing results that families have achieved.

You don't have to imagine;we've created it!!

You may be thinking sleep support means my child crying for hours and is too expensive.. 

We create custom sleep support plans that fit your family and comfort level. Who can put a price on you and your child’s health?

Sleep is essential for the whole family and with the unlimited support of FED Coaching you can regain control of your life, and ACTUALLY enjoy being a parent!!

Megan was super helpful for our family as we navigated the struggle of newborn sleeping patterns and wake windows. After just a few weeks of support our son was napping better and was a much happier baby because he was getting the sleep he needed!

What customers are saying:

— Christine S.

— Jessica L.

What customers are saying:

Sleep training is not one size fits all, and Megan does a great job customizing a plan that works for your family! When we started working with Megan, our baby would only sleep if rocked and transferred, took painfully short naps, and woke up every 2-3 hours overnight. Now I have a happy baby who puts himself to sleep, and STAYS asleep. Megan helped us navigate every twist and turn we encountered throughout the process! Now we feel confident supporting our baby's sleep needs, and are all sleeping great again!!

 Megan was able to take my concerns and develop a plan that worked, that I was comfortable with and that didn't entail leaving my daughter to cry for hours on end to eventually get herself to sleep. She gave my husband, my daughter and I strategies and often checked in to offer support and advice through the 2-weeks that we worked together. My daughter now has developed sleep strategies where she can put herself to sleep, soothes herself, and bedtime now takes 15 minutes as opposed to over an hour. I now feel confident that she's getting the sleep she needs. I highly recommend Megan to anyone who is having difficulty getting their child to sleep and who wants a truly gentle approach to sleep training.

What customers are saying:

— Abbie A.

How Does Sleep Support Work?




Each child is a unique individual when it comes to sleep.  We do a deep assessment of the health background, sleep and behavior need of the child. 

Working with the parents we customize a sleep support plan to who you are as a family unit and your comfort level. There is no "one-size-fits-all". 

As your sleep consultant we not only guide your through your sleep plan we also provide unlimited support throughout the whole process. Keeping you consistent and confident toward your desired goals. 

What are your needs?

A customized sleep plan.

Support and consistency

 What is special about Megan’s approach is that she listens and tailors her help to who you are.

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Meet  Megan

Megan is the founder and CEO of FED Coaching & The Empowerhood Podcast.

She specializes in Pediatric sleep(newborn-6 years old), Adult Sleep, and Women’s Health. Megan is continuously expanding her education to give you the BEST service out there. Her certifications include: Sleep Sense Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Health and Wellness Coach, Life Coach, Original Strength Trainer, and CES Diastasis Recti and Pelvic floor certified. 

Megan and the FED Mission is to provide you with the support and guidance you need to live a healthy sustainable life. Whether your child is having sleep difficulties or you want to work on your own health, Megan will customize a plan and be the partner you need to keep you on track toward your biggest health goals. 

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Megan is a miracle worker!! I don’t even know the last time my toddler slept all night (or by herself). Now she puts her self to sleep, stays in the crib the whole time, and sleeps all night! Megan provided insightful strategies, communicated in a timely manner, and helped us find a sleep plan that worked best for our family/met our needs and concerns. Our lives have been changed for the better!
-Kara K.

Megan is a miracle worker!

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