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Postpartum Weight loss, healing, & healthy lifestyle.

 Did you know by taking care of you, you can make a difference in the world?

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You can be a great parent AND take care of your needs.

You can actually have it all! You do not have to sacrifice your wants and needs when you become a mother, you just have to prioritize and work really heard to implement them in your life. 

Will it be easy? Nope! But that's why FED is here. 

We take the guilt, self-sacrifice, and struggle and turn it into a disciplined self-love and self-care practice. 

You CAN have the body you always wanted. You CAN have the career you didn't think you could handle. You CAN live a long healthy lifestyle. ALL while loving, caring, and setting the example for your child. 

Learn. Practice. Master.Repeat.

You don't have to choose between you or your child. You can have both. 

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Our mission at Flourish Everyday Coaching is to provide mama's with all the support and motivation to become the strongest, healthiest version of themselves.

We believe a mother’s self-care and optimal health paves the way to raise a generation of kind, mentally, and physically healthy children. 

Change starts with ourselves.

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Have trouble sleeping? Wake up feeling exhausted? Have to drink coffee all day long to function? Find out how you are actually sleeping, why it's so important, and how to get the best sleep of your life. 

30-Day Sleep Challenge

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30 days of healthy eating, establish life changing habits, optimize your physical and mental health. Build a healthy relationship with food by understanding why we eat and how to make nutrition a priority in your life. You will not be disappointed!!

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Walking is the secret sauce! Our bodies are built to move. Let's start walking EVERY day and reap the benefits! Lose weight, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Avoid a future of chronic illness, all by walking. 

30-Day Walking Challenge

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Routines are scientifically proven to help us thrive, keep us accountable, on track, and efficient each day. Learn how to build your ideal routine around your values and what's most important in your life. Be prepared to set up necessary boundaries!! This is life changing to say the least!

30-Day Routine Builder

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Meet  Megan

Hi I’m Megan-founder of Flourish, Certified Health Coach, OS Trainer, fellow Mama, and Diastasis Recti survivor.

Megan is passionate about discovering smart, sustainable solutions for every woman's unique lifestyle with sleep, nutrition, and movement. Her coaching style is supportive, resourceful, and all about finding hope and growth within each day.

Megan specializes in postpartum weight loss, Diastasis Recti recovery, and women’s health. Building stable routines, healthy habits, and finding strengths and value as a new mom in daily practice. She believes that taking care of yourself is the foundation for a healthy, happy life.


Since having Megan's support - I have overhauled my eating habits. I make intentional decisions about how I want to fuel my body. My energy levels have increased, I'm sleeping better than I have in years, and I have lost enough weight that I can now fit into my wedding dress from 4 years ago! More importantly - I have seen a huge increase in my confidence, happiness, and general well being. I am excited and motivated to maintain my new lifestyle. No more fad diets or boomeranging for me! Thank you, Megan! -Makayla P.

Wow - Working with Megan the past 6 weeks and the support she offered..

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This one is for the Mama’s out there in the overwhelming, joyus midst of Motherhood. As I have been digging deep narrowing down my coaching niche, I started to map out my life into challenging moments that...

Exercises for Diastasis Recti and why it isn't talked about more.

The word on the street is that moms who are thriving most likely: Have help Don’t pay attention to their kids Aren’t busy enough Have a lot of money Are selfish What do I mean by this?

Prioritize your health, lead your children.

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