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By Megan Vandevanter

Master Stylist|CSC|CHWC

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Megan is an independent hairstylist in the Capital Region. She has been in the industry for 20+ years and specializes in balayage, gray coverage, brunettes, foils, and haircutting. Megan loves lived in, low maintenance dimensional color and uses an Organic color line. You can find her at Slék Salon in Clifton Park New York.

She is also the founder of FED Coaching & The Empowerhood Podcast. 
She specializes in Pediatric sleep, Adult Sleep, and Women’s Health. 

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 What is special about Megan’s approach is that she listens and tailors her help to who you are.

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Meg is truly incredible – she’s my go-to for highlights, and let me tell you, she’s the absolute best! Meg’s creative mind is unmatched, and she not only meets but exceeds your expectations. She’s the one you want for a fantastic experience!!

What customers are saying:

— Amy M.

— Jessica L.

What customers are saying:

Sleep training is not one size fits all, and Megan does a great job customizing a plan that works for your family! When we started working with Megan, our baby would only sleep if rocked and transferred, took painfully short naps, and woke up every 2-3 hours overnight. Now I have a happy baby who puts himself to sleep, and STAYS asleep. Megan helped us navigate every twist and turn we encountered throughout the process! Now we feel confident supporting our baby's sleep needs, and are all sleeping great again!!

I had the pleasure of working with Meg in her previous salon in Maine! Megan is a pure talent. She exudes the most positive energy that is truly infectious. I am still in aw of her hustle and hard work!   

What customers are saying:

— Mary L.

 Megan was able to take my concerns and develop a plan that worked, that I was comfortable with and that didn't entail leaving my daughter to cry for hours on end to eventually get herself to sleep. She gave my husband, my daughter and I strategies and often checked in to offer support and advice through the 2-weeks that we worked together. My daughter now has developed sleep strategies where she can put herself to sleep, soothes herself, and bedtime now takes 15 minutes as opposed to over an hour. I now feel confident that she's getting the sleep she needs. I highly recommend Megan to anyone who is having difficulty getting their child to sleep and who wants a truly gentle approach to sleep training.

What customers are saying:

— Abbie A.

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