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I can live a healthy life




Stop saying I wish, and know you can!!

REquirements: 6-weeks postpartum or longer(it is never too late) and cleared by a physician

Here at Flourish Every Day Coaching we are here to make it EASY to lose the baby weight and GAIN energy, confidence and time to spend with your family. 

Our programs focus on where are right now, your vision of the future, and incorporating small sustainable goals into every single day to get you there. 

FED is here for you....

Whether you are 6-weeks postpartum or your child is heading off to college

Do you constantly wish you could make changes in your life but don't have the motivation to start? 

There is no better investment than in your health.


Moms feel judged or weak if they ask for help. 

No one talks about the postpartum struggles, such as hormone sweats, irritability, feelings of losing ones identity.

Moms wait until the kids are grown and out of the house to start taking care of herself. 

Belly pooch that you think you can't get rid of could be Diastasis Recti.

 Think you do not have time to make meals or workout. 

Society portrays the ideal mom as stressed out, exhausted, and frazzled. This is NOT normal.

The extra weight can cause depression, low self-esteem and stress on your body. 

Sleepless nights can cause weight gain and junk food cravings.

Did you know that 74% of postpartum women don't feel supported by society? 80% of adults in America aren't thriving emotionally or mentally.

There's always Support, accountability and guidance.

i'm ready to join!

You were made for this mama!

FED is SO much more than weight loss. We teach you the core foundational habits that will have you losing inches, getting the best sleep you’ve ever had, and enjoying movement more than ever before. 

What makes us different?
This program is made for mama's by mama's!

Easy to follow Structure. Accountability. Support. Flexibilty. 

Here's why FED coaching works....

1. Flexibility 
2. Accountability
3. Capability

Always have a plan for the unexpected.

We keep you on track no matter what happens.

You are strong, worthy and capable of all things.

Learn how to track your sleep and get a deep look into how you are actually recovering. We all sleep, but are you sleeping well?

Learn about why recovery is so important, and how it affects every decision we make each day, from food choices to the quality of your work, our patience, and all out decision making. 

Teach your infant how to sleep. 

Develop a morning and evening routine.  A routine gives a baby(child) security and stability to grow and thrive, ahem and also you, Mama.

1# Self-care Habit. 

module 1

Learn what and how much you should be eating while breastfeeding.

Discover the best foods that keep you energized, and satisfied for a long period of time, by understanding macros and calories. 

Find out how to lose weight without cutting calories. 

Learn how to quickly meal prep, always have healthy food choices, and how to consistently show up for yourself every single day.

Get rid of inflammation, heal your gut, perform at you absolute best.


module 2

If you have 1 minute, then you have time.

Creative fun fitness for the whole family. Learn how to incorporate short workout into your day with your kids, or within your routine. 

Learn to reset your nervous system anytime, anywhere! Your sanity matters!!

Gain energy, hope and motivation. Get rid of stress, anxiety and depression. Daily movement will change your life! 

Build a solid, sustainable fitness practice you will be craving every day.


module 3

Value yourself as a mother. Understanding your self-worth for your child is an awakening moment. Your child adores you just the way you are.

The growth mindset. Learn from each moment of your day. Obstacles only make you stronger. Be able to tackle any stress and challenges that come your way.

Confidence. Be confident in your parenting, stop comparing your life to other moms, get rid of jealousy, and form a tight knit support group of other mom friends.

Banish "mom guilt". Solitude is a necessary tool to keep your sanity and show up fully for your family. Learn to take moments for yourself. Rest and play is always our motto at Flourish. 


module 4

Do the best you can with the tools you have now. We are growing right alongside our children. Work on yourself every single day, and you will be successful. 

The way we talk and treat ourselves MATTERS. Our children are watching our every move. Positive self-talk and self-image are the most important thing we can practice. 

You will create your own family values to practice and implement in your life.  

Embrace vulnerability and imperfections as a parent. Asking for help sets them up for success. We will never be able to do it all alone, there is no weakness is saying that. 


module 5

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inside the program, you'll find...

— Ruthie

 What is special about Megan’s approach is that she listens and tailors her help to who you are. Every conversation we had, I left with a tool to use, a video to watch, or a book/article to read if I wanted to. Sometimes all three! Now, 9 months into motherhood, I’m feeling like I can do this.

You are a women. That is your superpower.

You don't have to choose between being a mom and taking care of yourself.

join Flourish Now!

Join the hundreds of moms who have lost weight and built a sustainable healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families.

The Flourish Method is proven to Change your life

I want in!

 We take your unique life and package health into a beautiful practice for you work on every day. Discover your healthiest life. Live it. Evolve. Repeat. 



No painful workouts where you are so sore you can't move the next day.

No unrealistic meal plans.

No time wasting requirements. 

What this program will never do...

- Mary L., Flourish 2022

I went from running around frenzied all day everyday to creating a routine that gave me structure throughout my day. Focusing on tasks that actually mattered, letting little things go, and having set times for me gave me peace of mind within the monotonous actions of having a newborn.

"I thought I had to be crazy busy, and exhausted to be a “good” mom." 

- Ruthie B.., Flourish 2022

Before working with Megan, I was a little nervous about asking for help. I knew that I needed to do something for me after becoming a new mom. I felt like I was going through a full identity crisis, and I was scared that I would be judged for just how uncertain of my new life that I was. But Megan listened without judgement and helped me to prioritize what would make me feel best soon, as well as in the long run. 

"I was nervous to ask for help."

- Makayla P., Flourish 2021

"Wow- Working with Megan the past 6 weeks  and the support she offered was life-changing! I have overhauled my eating habits. I now make intentional decisions on how to fuel my body. My energy has increased, and I sleep better than I have in years."

"I was doubtful this would work for me, but wow i was wrong. you need this!"

You can have it all!! Hard work, consistency, and how showing up for yourself will change the world around you. 


Stop self-sacrificing, running yourself ragged, having zero boundaries, and comparing yourself to other moms. 


You will build a foundational practice that takes care of all your self-care needs. 


Our mission at Flourish Everyday is to provide mama’s with ALL of the support and motivation to become the strongest, healthiest version of themselves to then lead their children.

what Flourish Everyday teaches you

How much does Flourish coaching cost?

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One payment of $2,700

6 monthly payments of $450 per month 


WEEKLY CUSTOMIZED MODULES. A grocery list, meal plan and prep, personalized workouts, we've got you!

SANITY. Find what truly lights you up each day.

STRUCTURE & ROUTINE Build your own unique routine to guide you through your practice every day.

Have a question or need advice? Contact us anytime!

WEEKLY COACHING CALLS. Talk it out every week. Get Calorie and macros numbers and an energy check.

The Premium Package

Start today!

one time payment of $1,350

3 monthly payments of $450 per month


WEEKLY CUSTOMIZED MODULES. A grocery list, meal plan and prep, personalized workouts, we've got you!

SANITY. Find what truly lights you up each day. 

STRUCTURE & ROUTINE Build your own unique routine to guide you through your practice every day.

Have a question or need advice? Contact us anytime!

WEEKLY COACHING CALLS. Talk it out every week. Get calorie and macro numbers and an energy check. 

The Deluxe package

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WEEKLY MAMA WALKS. Join us every Monday morning to reset your nervous system through the Original Strength Training and a 3-mile walk. Start your week off right! This a FREE event!! Strollers welcome.

MONTHLY POSTPARTUM GROUP SESSION. Every 3rd Wednesday of the month the postpartum support group meets. 

In-person group Options

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one time payment of $5,400 THE best Value!!

12 monthly payments of $450 per month

12-MONTHS OF COACHING. The longer you have support, accountability, and practice the better your new habits will become and stay.

WEEKLY CUSTOMIZED MODULES. A grocery list, meal plan and prep, a personalized workout plan, we've got you!

SANITY. Find what truly lights you up each day. 

 STRUCTURE & ROUTINE Build your own unique routine to guide you through your practice every day.

Have a question or need advice? Contact us anytime.

WEEKLY COACHING CALLS. Talk it out every week. Get calorie and macro numbers and an energy check.

The Platinum Package

valued at $450! Get it today!

LIMITED TIME OFFER!! When you pay in full for 6 to 12 months of coaching you will receive an extra month's worth of time. Yes, you heard me!! This bonus month is worth $450, for free!! Don't wait any longer to start working on YOU. Flourish is in your corner and we know you are capable of incredible things. We truly want to support you and see you succeed, this offer won't be here for long!

When you pay in full for 6-12 months of coaching you will receive one extra month free!

Limited time! 1 Extra month free!

limited time bonus!

Hiring a coach, supporter, confidant, and accountability partner, is a HUGE investment in YOURSELF. Yes you are paying us, but you are receiving life long benefits that will and can continue to grow each day and pass on to your children FOREVER.
Our promise to you is to give the utmost support and guidance to keep you showing up and practicing daily. To build a disciplined life of purpose towards your biggest goals and dreams. Holding you accountable to prioritize your needs and health NOW.
We believe in you, and know that life can be good, but why not make GREAT. This lifetime investment is just the start of an incredible journey for you. We give you the tools, If you put in the practice and commit, the sky’s the limit!

your investment is fully backed by our satisfaction guarantee. 

Wake up tired? Get your sleep on track and change your life!

Lose the baby weight, and a fitness plan that you love. 

Feel like your days are chaotic with no plan? Let's create a master routine for the whole family!

Learn about calories, macros, and energy. 

Feel nervous? Stressed? Hormones imbalanced?
We will teach you how to reset your nervous system.

Rebalance hormones. 

Wanting to better your health.


who is this for?

When do the live coaching calls happen?

You will receive a calendar link to schedule your coaching call when it is most convenient for you. Before you end your coaching call you will schedule your next appointment for the following week. 

Can you guarantee results with the flourish coaching?

Within our structure and system you will see results where you put in the most work on a consistent, daily basis. We are all about small, sustainable change every day. The commitment is not to us, it's to YOU and to live your priorities and values each day.

How much time will this take each week?

The program can be customized to your needs, BUT you must put in the work every single day with the support of your coach. It will actually save you time in the future as you learn a routine and become more productive and efficient with your time. 

What happens after I hit the buy button?

After you purchase your package you will receive a welcome email, and calendar to schedule your on boarding call. This call will be 30 minutes long and it will be all about getting to know each other and your needs. 

how do I know if this is the right investment for me?

If you want to make healthy changes in your life this program is for you. If you do not want to change certain aspects of your life, you will waste your money. In order to get healthy, we must make changes where they are needed, and practice consistently everyday. 

how long are the doors open to join?

FED takes on a select few members each month. Our availability is all first come first serve basis. While you wait you can access our free resources, newsletter, and blog. 

Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

— Paula T.

"This changed my view of what being a mom meant and made me understand my value as a mom, wife, and myself."

Megan is the founder of Flourish Every Day and eats, breathes and sleeps the Flourish practice every single day. She prides herself on being an open, honest exemplar, that’s growing and learning each day just like YOU.

Years of practice, research, and Megan’s innovative mind led her to develop FED as a safe space for moms to come and find their way back to themselves. It is SO much more than just losing weight. 

"As a woman, wife, mother, and entrepreneur My daughter was my inspiration to change. Building two successful businesses, overcoming eating disorders, and learning to break patterns that do not work with my personal and family values. I have proven the FED Method works in my own life and hundreds of women. There will never a perfect day, and my journey is far from over, but I know tomorrow is always a new day to be better. 

Megan is a women's life and health coach and an original strength trainer.

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