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The support Meg has provided has truly been a blessing. During a really rough week+ of no sleep with my now 6 month old son, Meg was quick to create a custom plan and flexible sleep schedule for us to follow. Knowing I have two older kids, she knew flexibility was almost as important to me as sleep is. She didn’t hesitate and encouraged me throughout the entire process. In less than a week, my son was back to his normal 1-2 night waking, and after a few days of that, he started sleeping 10 hours a night. She offers real time feed back, daily check ins, endless support and a wealth of knowledge, literally at her fingertips. From our conversations, the detail she provides and the care she shows, it’s hard not to see her passion. -Kayla A.

 He started sleeping 10-hours a night..


Since having Megan's support my energy levels have increased, I'm sleeping better than I have in years, and I have lost enough weight that I can now fit into my wedding dress from 4 years ago! She empowered me to do my best and did not let me dwell on my hiccups - stating that I will have a better day tomorrow. Thank you Megan!
-Makayla P.

Wow - Working with Megan  and the support she offered was life-changing!

You stay in contact with the consultant for 2-weeks. Depending on what sleep solution method you choose, 97% of babies will be sleeping through the night within 3-14 days. 

How much time will your programs take?

Yes! If you are local to the Clifton Park area we love to work in-person. As a matter of fact Megan loves to do in person nursery checks, and also stand by your side through the really tough moments where you might need some extra support to stick with it.

do you work with clients in person?

We offer you proven sleep training methods, and you put them to practice within your own unique family unit. Megan is there for ANY questions, concerns, support and guidance. She will even come to your house(if local and for a fee).

How does the sleep program work?

Crying is the way your child communicates and is 100% healthy. That being said we never let a child "cry it out" alone and abandoned. We cannot guarantee your child will never cry(because this is natural), BUT we can guarantee that you will be there loving, comforting and supporting them every step of the way toward sleep independence.

Will my baby or child cry?

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