I took the wins, the setbacks, the challenges, and used them as fuel to become stronger everyday.

I started by showing up for my Diastasis Recti exercises, and made small consistent changes to remember myself amongst the chaos of daily lessons in motherhood. I healed my DR, and have showed up for myself each day ever since. I not only feel stronger than ever, I am a better mom and wife because my needs are being met. You can do this too!

I'm Megan — a certified Life and Health Coach. And, I help women thrive through the first year of motherhood.

 Things changed drastically for me when my daughter was born. I realized "damn! I am a STRONG woman, and I can do anything!". After recovering from Diastasis Recti, I really wanted to bring awareness to the common condition, help women properly heal their body's, and remember themselves within the roller coaster ride of motherhood. 

Can you even believe that you created a human being? Celebrate this now!! Congratulations!! You have now entered into Motherhood, the most sacred, rewarding and HARD purpose there is. Know that you are strong, and capable of all things, no matter what is thrown your way!
As a fellow mom, I 100 percent know what you are going through right now, whether it be soreness from birth, sleep deprivation, Diastasis recti, creating a routine with your baby, or breastfeeding challenges. Support and guidance during this time is so helpful and I am there for you every step of the way. 

childbirth, the most powerful and amazing thing to happen EVER!

You have the tools, the strength, and the power to do all things

Find the balance within routine.

Thrive by practicing every single day.

Create balance in your life. You new baby needs and relies on your 24/7. Where do you needs come into play? Remembering to take care of yourself is just as important. If you get sick, who will take care of your baby? Let's come up with a routine to help you and your baby THRIVE.

Personally, I stopped sacrificing myself and started taking care of my self-care needs, asking for help, implementing exercise, rest, and nutrition into my daily routine with my child. Practicing my routine everyday, learning when my needs are met, I am a better parent and wife, I perform better in my work and daily tasks, and my body feels AMAZING. 

Fast facts. . .

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I'm obsessed with . . .

 Sleep is first for me. When I sleep well everything else falls into place. I eat better, move more, and I tend to be more positive, productive, and present through out the day.

Top Self-care Habit

Anything active. I love to move! My family and I love to run 5k's, go bowling, play soccer, ski, hike, and go for walks. 

My favorite activity

a good night's sleep. I am a beast if I don't get 8 hours of solid sleep. I also could never live without my family!

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"Working with Megan was above and beyond what I ever could have expected. My goal was to eat healthier and I got so much more. I feel less stressed, more confident, and motivated each day."
— Eliza M.

"Megan helped me heal my relationship with food and my body."

"I was skeptical how I could add "one more thing to my plate" with 2 kids under the age of 3, a puppy, and a full-time job. However, Megan shared information in a consumable way and was incredibly supportive." -Sarah H.

"Megan has a calming presence + a kick butt coach all in one!"

  "My energy levels have increased, I'm sleeping better than I have in years, and I have lost enough weight that I can now fit into my wedding dress from 4 years ago!"

"Megan taught me how to make time for and truly care for ME."

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