an entrepreneur, dreamer, creator, mama, wife, dog lover, and founder of FED Coaching.

Hi Friend,

I'm Megan 

Megan lives in upstate New York with her husband Willis, 7 year old daughter Greye, and their beloved dog McCourty. 

 I am also an athlete, endless learner & teacher, animal rescuer, blogger, Certified Health and wellness coach and Pediatric sleep consultant.

Three fun facts about me. . .

Animals in need seriously find me. So far i have tried to save a duck, squirrel, chipmunk, skunk, blind cat, numerous dogs, and a blue parakeet that i'm not even lying walked in front of me in the middle of winter in upstate NY. My husband is never surprised by a wild animal in our garage, and my neighbor calls me Snow white.

animal Whisperer

with blue houses. My husband and I have purchased 4 blue houses together!! My childhood home was even blue.(not sure what this means hehe)

I have a weird obsession

born and raised outside of Boston, I am a New England girl at heart. Boston will always hold a special place for me no matter where I go. 

I am new england girl

Fast facts. . .

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I'm obsessed with . . .

 Shocker! Sleep is first for me. When I sleep well everything else falls into place. I eat better, move more, and I tend to be more positive, productive, and present through out the day.

Top Self-care Habit

I am a total Gemini. I love all things active, walking, running, skiing, and playing sports with my family. BUT I also love down time reading, playing games, and just hanging out. 

My favorite activity

My family, a good night's sleep, and the sun. All necessities in my daily life. 

can't live without

A few of the hats that I wear daily....



Living exemplar

Podcast Host


Motherhood, my favorite, most challenging role. My daughter was the fire that ignited all of my entrepreneur dreams into action.

Dreamer, creator, problem solver, constant learner. Helping families all over the world bring rest and health into their homes.

Blogging started out as a complete hobby until It became my biggest free resource on my website to empower people with knowledge. 

Living as an example is my motto. I will never recommend or guide in a way I don't live myself. I don't pretend to know everything, because I don't. Flourish Everyday came from my belief that "each day is a new day to learn and grow". 

The Empowerhood Podcast. If you haven't listened in, you definitely should. Incredible brave women share their motherhood stories including some of the darkest times in their lives. Be inspired as we uncover the why behind each amazing mama and how they turned trials into  triumphs.

 My number one supporter, inspiration, and reality check(when my dreamer mind starts going crazy). I thank God everyday for our partnership.


We lift each other up with education & knowledge.

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Why are we called Flourish Everyday?

Megan created Flourish Everyday as a safe place for mom’s to of course gain knowledge and resources, but also to be able to know that there is no such thing as a “perfect” parent. Flourish Everyday means each day is a new day to take your mistakes from yesterday, learn, and try again.

Constant growth is so necessary as a parent!! Challenges, setbacks, mistakes, and failures happen often, and trust us you are not alone! Tomorrow is a new day for you to find solutions and Megan prides herself in helping families find just that. Whether it be your child’s sleep or your own personal health and growth FED has resources and programs to guide you on your way to empowerment. 

The Unedited Interviews of Motherhood's Trials to Triumphs.


The Podcast That Changed Everything!

Endless resources and fun!

Let's be friends...


  My energy levels have increased, I'm sleeping better than I have in years! More importantly - I have seen a huge increase in my confidence, happiness, and general well being. -Makayla 

Wow - Working with Megan  and the support she offered was life-changing!

"I was skeptical how I could add "one more thing to my plate" with 2 kids under the age of 3, a puppy, and a full-time job. However, Megan shared information in a consumable way and was incredibly supportive." -Sarah H.

"Megan has a calming presence + a kick butt coach all in one!"

  "My energy levels have increased, I'm sleeping better than I have in years, and I have lost enough weight that I can now fit into my wedding dress from 4 years ago!"

"Megan taught me how to make time for and truly care for ME."

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