I'm Megan — a certified Women's Health Coach, Mama, and entrepreneur. 

I am nerdly obsessed with getting a good night's sleep, eating healthy, and moving my body every single day. Why? Because there is nothing more empowering than to feel confident, energetic, and fulfilled in your own skin. 

My passion is to help other mamas do the same because there is no better time to get healthy then when you enter Motherhood. You need your health, energy, and confidence more than ever as a parent and the programs I have created are tailored to just that. 

Three fun facts about me. . .

Anywhere outdoors. Whenever I get outside whether it be to hike, swim, walk, ski or surf, it is an instant refresher, energizer and shot of gratitude for the beauty around me. 

My happy place

my first successful business was as a hair stylist and makeup artist for 20 years! My garage still becomes a quick salon every now and then :).

I was a hair stylist

born and raised outside of Boston, I am a New England girl at heart. Boston with always hold a special place for me no matter where I go. 

I am new england girl

I wasn't always disciplined and healthy...

My daughter was the wake up call for me to get healthy. I realized everything I did she saw and wanted to copy. Fueled by my new role as a leader I started making positive changes in my life to support a healthy foundation for my family. 

Throughout my life I have overcome eating disorders, unhealthy relationships with fitness and food, Diastasis Recti, zero boundaries, and never asking for help. Lessons that I have taken, grown tremendously from, and have ultimately brought me to where I am today. 

Each day is a new day to grow, learn, and become better...

Throughout my experience and certification process I learned within my own practice that health is more than getting my body back after having a baby. 

Taking care of myself sets me up to be mentally healthy each day. Getting the sleep I need gives me energy and patience to be present with my child. Eating nutrient dense food fuels my body, and sets an example for my daughter. Moving my body not only keeps me agile, and strong to keep me healthy for a long long time, but also to be able to do ALL the activities with my child instead of sitting on the sideline.

Taking time to fulfill my self-care needs instead of always feeling resentment or burned out exhaustion truly changed me and my family. 

the whole body experience

What getting healthy as a mom meant to me...

Find security within routine.

I always knew kids thrive off of structure and routine.. I didn’t realize I would too! The healthy habits became a routine practiced daily. Instead of a chore, I felt excited to wake up, perform my routine, and make it even better. 

My life, your life, it is all a practice. We ultimately wake up with a gift of another day. We can choose to use our gifts and give back to the world or we choose to stay put in a life we truly aren’t thriving in. There is always a choice. 

Thrive by practing every single day.

Fast facts. . .

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I'm obsessed with . . .

 Sleep is first for me. When I sleep well everything else falls into place. I eat better, move more, and I tend to be more positive, productive, and present through out the day.

Top Self-care Habit

Anything active. I love to move! My family and I love to run 5k's, go bowling, play soccer, ski, hike, and go for walks. 

My favorite activity

a good night's sleep. I am a beast if I don't get 8 hours of solid sleep. I also could never live without my family!

can't live without







night owl


morning bird




Make a guess.  I love . . .

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"Working with Megan was above and beyond what I ever could have expected. My goal was to eat healthier and I got so much more. I feel less stressed, more confident, and motivated each day."
— Eliza M.

"Megan helped me heal my relationship with food and my body."

"I was skeptical how I could add "one more thing to my plate" with 2 kids under the age of 3, a puppy, and a full-time job. However, Megan shared information in a consumable way and was incredibly supportive." -Sarah H.

"Megan has a calming presence + a kick butt coach all in one!"

  "My energy levels have increased, I'm sleeping better than I have in years, and I have lost enough weight that I can now fit into my wedding dress from 4 years ago!"

"Megan taught me how to make time for and truly care for ME."

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