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 certified Masters of Balayage Artist
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A la carte 

All haircuts include a blowout


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All prices are starting at: depending on your hair, length of time of the service, and a la carte add ons.

Balayage- $175+

Glaze- $50

Haircut- $50

Teasey lights-$150+

Women's Cut- $60

Men's Cut- $30

Kid's Cut- $25(ages 1-5)

Kid's Cut- $30+(ages 6+)


Weddings-Inquire for pricing

Special event-$90+

Root Touch-ups-$100+

Full colors-$150+


Meet  your stylist

Megan has been in the hair industry for 20+ years, owning multiple businesses, working with 7 different color lines. She started her career in Boston, and just recently moved to New York from Southern Maine. 

➡️Megan always has health in mind. Offering a boutique organic American color line "Chromastics". Read more below why Megan chooses organic color.⬇️

➡️Creating a great experience for her clients with incredible results is always her mission. Megan prides herself in offering the full package each and every time you come sit in her chair. 

➡️Really seeing people and connecting with them right where they are at is one of Megan's biggest strengths and one of her true loves of the industry. 
"I want every person in my chair not only love their hair but truly be seen and heard."

Master stylist Megan 

I want every person in my chair to not only love their hair but to truly be seen and heard.

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 Meg is truly incredible – she’s my go-to for highlights, and let me tell you, she’s the absolute best! Meg’s creative mind is unmatched, and she not only meets but exceeds your expectations. She’s the one you want for a fantastic experience!!

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-Amy M.

Or call/text Megan at 518-407-5616

Chromastics is a professional hair color line only used by professionals. You will never find Chromastics in drug stores or supermarkets. 

Chromastics hair color chemistry is based on a combination of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. These are the organic ingredients that are combined to create every shade of Chromastics Hair Color. At Chromastics, we are proud to be 100% organic and professional. Better hair. Better science. Many major companies say that, but do they hold to that?

Chromastics contains 1% ammonia.
There are colors that claim to be ammonia free BUT if they do not contain ammonia then they contain Ethanolamine, also known as MEA it is a derivate of ammonia and it creates the reaction of ammonia and ethylene oxide. This chemical is the number one  cause of dermatitis, hair lost, hair dry. Ethanolamine is also more difficult to remove out of the hair and it re-alkalize every time has contact with water. Ammonia is only bad when is in a high percentage.

Why Chromastics Color..

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Mary L.

I had the pleasure of working with Meg in her previous salon in Maine! Megan is a pure talent. She exudes the most positive energy that is truly infectious. I am still in aw of her hustle and hard work!   

Truly infectious!

-Crystal F. 

Megan is a 10 out of 10 in all respects. She is a great stylist and an even greater human! She understands the look I'm going for and I always leave happy!

10 out of 10!!

- Kimberly T .

Megan did my hair & makeup for my wedding and she did it exactly how I had envisioned it. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. If you are in need of a hairstylist or makeup artist for your wedding I highly recommend!

Highly recommend!!

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